"If I were to write a book about myself", Audrey once told her son Sean, "it would start like this: I was born on May 4, 1929, and I died three weeks later". At twenty-one days of age, she contracted such a terrible case of whooping cough that her heart stopped. Ella, who was a rather strict Christian Scientist and had not called a doctor, revived her by spanking. "There was no giving up on this baby", said Sean. "I think that had an effect on her whole life, [as if she’d been given] a second chance".

“You know, I just love Grace Kelly. Not because she was a princess, not because she was an actress, not because she was my friend, but because she was just about the nicest lady I ever met.” James Stewart

“Grace had a kind of serenity, a calmness, that I hadn’t arrived at at that point in my life – and perhaps never will, for all I know. She was so relaxed in front of the camera that she made it look simple.” Cary Grant

“She was very serious about her work… She was trying to learn, you could see that. You can tell if a person really wants to be an actress. She was one of those people you could get that feeling about.” Gary Cooper
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okay so today i kinda got mad at my mom for not naming me audrey (it was actually one of her choices…….. wow who knew i’d actually be an audrey girl)

"She had a luminous quality – a combination of wistfulness, radiance, yearning – to set her apart and yet make everyone wish to be a part of it, to share in the childish naïveté which was so shy and yet so vibrant."

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I’m in mutuals with a lot of people I’ve never spoken to and if that’s you then I just want you to know that I’ve definitely thought about talking to you at one point and then got scared

* Audrey Hepburn interviewed in Brussels by Selim Sasson c. 1959.

"I’ve never seen anybody change so much in front of a camera as Audrey. In life, you’d think ‘How is she going to get through the day or even the hour?’ Her hands were shaking, she’s smoking too much, she’s worried, she’s being kind of desperately nice to everybody, she’s so fragile… But between the time she stepped in front of the camera and you said ‘Action!’, something happened. She pulled it together. A kind of strength through vulnerability - strength like an iron butterfly… The performance was true, never weak, always strong and clear. It was an amazing thing to watch, this professional completely in charge of her instrument without even thinking about it. I think it was all second nature." 

Peter Bogdanovich

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Audrey Hepburn, March 1964.
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